Features – what's inside?

Test-Driven Development

Cevelop ships with CUTE (www.cute-test.com), an easy to use unit testing framework for C++. CUTE is tightly integrated with Cevelop to offer easy writing and management of unit tests. The following features are included:

  • Red/Green-bar test result visualization
  • Support for C++ seams and mock objects
  • Code coverage visualization
  • Diff-viewer for failing tests
  • Automatic test registration
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Red/Green-bar test-driven development with Cevelop

Cevelop can automatically transform macro definitions into C++11 code

Spring-clean your C++ Code

Cevelop offers a variety of gardening tools to keep your code up-to-date with the latest ISO C++ Standard. It can perform a variety of static code analyses to find potential weaknesses in your code, and provides Quick-Assists to fix them.

  • Find macros and transform them into semantically equivalent, type-safe, and C++11 compliant code.
  • Migrate variable declarations and initializations to the new uniform initialization syntax.
  • Detect uninitialized variables.


Cevelop provides many additional refactorings that help you write and maintain your C++ code.

Our namespace related refactorings help keeping your global namespace unpolluted and ambiguity-free, as well as making your code generally more readable:

  • Inline Using changes identifiers to include their namespace or class prefix and eliminates using namespace directives and using declarations.
  • Extract Using Declaration can automatically extract fully-qualified names into the local block-scope, which makes the code more readable without polluting the global namespace
  • Qualify Name resolves the scope of unqualified names, in case you are ever in doubt about the origin of an identifier.

Cevelop automatically identifies problematic namespace directives

Template Visualization

Visually explore function- and class-templates: The Template Information View displays detailed template information and lets you easily browse through instantiation levels.

The Template Information View can be openend in Cevelop via WindowShow ViewOthers...C/C++Template Information

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Recursive calls to a variadic template function, visualized in Cevelop 1.6

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Constificator Refactoring Example


Constificator helps to write const-correct code starting from the first line of your project. It also supports you retroactively when reviewing or extending an existing codebase. Because it makes use of the existing problem reporting infrastructure of Cevelop, it integrates nicely into the existing workflow by providing standard problem markers and QuickFixes.

Constificator is available as a Beta Plug-in. See our Beta Plug-ins page for more details and installation instructions.

To learn about the usage and benefits of Constificator, have a look at the Constificator User Manual.

Include Analysis and Optimization

Dependencies among C++ header files can become quite complex and get out of control. Includator analyzes the dependency hierarchy in C++ projects and optimizes them if necessary. Such cleanup keeps C++ header files tidy and reduces compile time.

Cevelop provides exclusive access to Includator, which otherwise has to be purchased separately!

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Include Analysis Example

Developed within the REPARA project, co-funded by the European Commission within the Seventh Framework Programme