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Cevelop extends Eclipse CDT with many additional features: CUTE unit testing with Test Driven Development support, new refactorings and quick fixes, and much more. And it's free!

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One Download

Cevelop is a one-stop download that includes all the plug-ins that you need to develop modern C++ code. Because it's based on Eclipse, you can still install your favorite plug-ins.

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Upgrade Your Code

Cevelop comes with many tools to upgrade your code to C++11/14. For example, automatic quick-fixes can convert variable declarations and initializations to the new uniform initialization syntax.

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CUTE: Green Bar for C++

CUTE, short for C++ Unit Testing Easier, is a C++ unit testing framework mandatory for every C++ project. The CUTE plug-in supports easy development and management of CUTE unit tests for your software. Features like red/green-bar result visualization, automatic test registration and code coverage alleviate every-day tasks of a software developer. The plug-in also encourages test driven development through various code generation mechanisms, reducing development time significantly.

Template Visualization

Visually explore function- and class-templates: The Template Information View displays detailed template information and lets you easily browse through instantiation levels.

The Template Information View can be openend in Cevelop via WindowShow ViewOthers...C/C++Template Information

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Recursive calls to a variadic template function, visualized in Cevelop 1.6

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More Refactorings and Quick-Assists

Eclipse CDT comes with some basic automated refactorings. Cevelop builds on these foundations and gives you many more.

Namespace refactorings to quality unqualified names and inline and extract using directives and declarations.

Macros should not be used in modern C++. Cevelop assists you in replacing object- and function-like macros with proper C++ constexprs and functions.

C++11 and C++14 make writing C++ code much more pleasant. Cevelop helps you to upgrade your code to automatically take advantage of new features such as initializer lists, smart pointers, and more.

Include Analysis and Optimization

Dependencies among C++ header files can become quite complex and get out of control. Includator analyzes the depenceny hierarchy in C++ projects and optimzes them if necessary. Such cleanup keeps C++ header files tidy and reduces compile time.

Cevelop provides exclusive access to Includator, which otherwise has to be purchased separately!

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Developed within the REPARA project, co-funded by the European Commission within the Seventh Framework Programme