Eclipse Neon Update – 06 Jul 2016

Summer has finally arrived here in Switzerland, and with it the latest Eclipse 4.6 release, code-named Neon. The most important changes of the Eclipse platform are summarized in Platform New and Noteworthy, among the highlights is the HiDPI support on Windows and Linux (OSX has had it for some years). Thanks to improvements in Eclipse CDT, you can now suppress code-analysis messages.

This spring, we released a preview release of Cevelop with some exciting new plug-ins. We are happy to include them in this release:

  • Constificator detects and fixes non-const variable declarations in functions and classes (disabled by default).
  • Const placement: Option to automatically align const qualifiers in variable declarations on the right-hand side or left-hand side of the type.
  • CharWars refactors C-style strings into std::string-objects.
  • Templator visualizes arbitrarily nested template instantiations, overload resolutions, and specializations. We consider it experimental, it works for many interesting cases but also falls on its nose occasionally. Here’s an example of std::vector:

Template Instantiation Example

Template Information View showing template instantiation details of a std::vector<int>

A special thanks to all the testers and bug reporters! There might still be problems and false positives in our code-analysis plug-ins (don’t forget that you can now suppress unwanted messages). Please report them directly to our GitHub issue tracker.

Cevelop 1.5 can be downloaded from our Download page. If you have any issues or other feedback let us know.

— Mirko Stocker

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