Cevelop 1.11.1 Release – 15 Feb 2019

Today, we released Cevelop 1.11.1. This is the first 64-bit-only release since the underlying Eclipse Platform dropped 32-bit support. The new Cevelop is based on Eclipse CDT 9.6 which comes with improved support for C++17 and C++ attributes. Additionally, the following bugs have been fixed:

  • Several quick-fixes have been missing in the last release
  • Macro conversion for C++14 and above sometimes produced invalid code
  • Several refactorings were missing from the menus
  • “Extract using directive” triggered the wrong refactoring

As always, you can download Cevelop 1.11.1 from our Download page. If you have any issues or other feedback, please let us know.

— Toni Suter

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