Cevelop 1.9.0 Oxygen.2 Release – 12 Feb 2018

Eclipse Oxygen.2 and the bugfix release 9.4.1 of Eclipse CDT have been released a few weeks ago. It includes several fixes for major issues like the broken console on MacOS X High Sierra and startup issues with Java 9. Cevelop 1.9.0 is based on this improved version of CDT.

Among other improvements this release features the support of return type deduction for functions, available in Eclipse CDT.

Return type dedcution for functions

Also new is the redesigned core build project wizard, which has already been available in previous version, but now it became the default option to create projects with. If you would like to create a CUTE project, you will need to select “C++ Managed Build” in the wizard first.

New C/C++ project wizard

As always, you can download Cevelop 1.9.0 from our Download page. If you have any issues or other feedback, please let us know.

— Thomas Corbat

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