Cevelop on Mars Released, Update Now! – 09 Jul 2015

Eclipse Mars has arrived, including a new version of the CDT C/C++ Development Tools on which Cevelop is built. The most important news and changes of the Eclipse platform are summarized in Platform New and Noteworthy. The platform has received many small fixes, stability and performance improvements. For example, the user interface has been cleaned up a bit (better icons, dark theme) and made more customizable.

Eclipse CDT now comes with support for Docker to manage images and containers directly in Eclipse. It also allows you to run and debug C/C++ applications in a container. For more details, see New in CDT 8.7.

Other than being founded on Mars, Cevelop 1.3 comes with a new version of CUTE and improved refactorings. For example, Peter wrote a quick assist that refactors typedefs to using aliases:

Replacing typedefs with using

And you can also inline typedefs:

Inline typedef

We recommend to download a fresh copy of Cevelop because updating is still not reliable on all platforms (you can of course continue to use your existing workspaces).

In the previous blog post, we promised a brand new plug-in that helps you refactor char-pointers to proper C++-string objects. Unfortunately, this needs some more polishing and has thus been delayed to the next release, planned for fall 2015.

— Mirko Stocker

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