Update to Eclipse Luna SR2 and Eclipse CDT 8.6 – 01 Apr 2015

Not a joke – we have just released Cevelop 1.2.0 to give you the latest Eclipse Luna Service Release SR2 and Eclipse CDT 8.6. Feature-wise, the new CDT release includes many debugging improvements and the rename class refactoring now renames files as well. We also fixed a bug where custom formatter profiles were lost on restart and we reduced the maximum amount of memory Cevelop requests on 32bit systems from 2GB to 1GB.

Our C++ unit testing framework CUTE has been updated to version 4.11. This new release allows you to upgrade any existing project to a CUTE project. For a full list of changes, see the release announcement.

Just download Cevelop 1.2.0 or if you are already using Cevelop, you can also try to update your installation through HelpCheck for Updates. Note that there are some issues with updating Eclipse products on Windows, so we recommend downloading a fresh copy. If you are running OS X, we also recommend downloading a fresh installation. All your settings are stored in the workspace so they won’t get lost.

For the next release, we have planned to include a brand new plug-in that helps you refactor char-pointers to proper C++-string objects.

— Mirko Stocker

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