Cevelop Updated for the Eclipse Luna Service Release 1 – 30 Oct 2014

No trick, just a treat: we have rebased Cevelop on top of the latest Eclipse Luna Service Release SR1. The Eclipse CDT team used the chance to include some new features. For example, code completion can now show default arguments and gives you more information on template parameters:

Improved Content Assist for Templates

See the CDT 8.5 changelog for a comprehensive list of changes. Also included in this Cevelop release is the latest release of CUTE, where we fixed some bugs. Download Cevelop 1.1.0 and see for yourself. If you are already using Cevelop, you can also try to update your installation through HelpCheck for Updates, but there are some problems with this approach. It can fail under Windows because the update tries to replace the active cevelop.exe, you can either work around it or just download a fresh copy. If you are running OS X, we also recommend downloading a fresh installation.

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— Mirko Stocker

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