Beta Plug-ins – preview upcoming features

Do you want to try our latest plug-ins and preview upcoming features in Cevelop?

The Beta Plug-ins update site contains nightly builds of several of our plug-ins and can be installed into Cevelop. Use the Update Site corresponding to your Cevelop version to install the Cevelop Beta Plug-ins (already installed plug-ins will simply be upgraded).

The following Beta Plug-ins are currently available:

  • Constificator helps to write const-correct code. It finds places in your source code where the const qualifier can be added and provides a refactoring to automatically add it for you.
  • GSLAtor checks if your code conforms to the C++ Core Guidelines. Often, it can fix a violation of a guideline with a built-in refactoring.
  • Intwidthfixator replaces implementation-dependent integral types, e.g. int, with fixed-width types, e.g. int32_t, and vice-versa.

Beta Plug-ins for Cevelop 1.8

Use the following update site to install the Beta Plug-ins

Beta Plug-ins for Cevelop 1.7

Use the following update site to install the Beta Plug-ins

To install the plug-ins, follow our installation guide below. Please use our GitHub Issue Tracker to report bugs.

Installation Instructions

In Cevelop, open the Install New Software Dialog:

Paste the update site location that you copied and hit enter. After a few seconds, the list of available plug-ins should appear:

Select the plug-ins to install or update and follow the wizard by clicking Next.

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